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MT Europe has been active for 25 years now. We are active in Field Marketing, Sampling, Instore Promotions, and Merchant Visits for multinational companies such as Procter and Gamble, VISA, The Nielsen Company, among others.

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Already in the early stages of the nineties of the last century MT Europe has set up campaigns with a Pan European nature in Fieldmarketing. MT Europe provides services like Sampling, Auditing, Merchants Visits, and Merchandising, just to name a few.

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“Think Global, act on a national or local basis”, is a term brought to life by many Marketers and Strategic Managers within international operating companies. Often this will prove to be a major challenge, wishful thinking even? MTE Nederland can help you achieve this goal.

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MT Europe is Europe’s leading company in Fieldmarkteting 2.0.


Checking on supplies, Out of Stock, Pricing, MT EUROPE is your experienced partner.

Outsourcing of Personnel

If your company might be interested in outsourcing Personnel!

Merchant Visits

MT Europe is Europe’s leading company when it comes to Merchant Visits.


The best way to let your costumers experience your product!


Optimal presentation in any of your reselling stores is of vital essence!

Instore marketing

One of the expertise’s of MT Europe is Instore Marketing.